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I am a kracken from the sea!

Get it my name is the prego eggo like Juno, and she says the same thing? never mind if you don't get it

So I've become a more regular poster on Live journal again, and I've been posting all manner of things mostly on cat communities with the recent health issues my two girls have been having, but I haven't made any entries concerning my well being/ my rantings since making a come back so I guess this is it.

I came back to live journal because of my cats but I do intend to try and stick around this time, writing in a journal is therapeutic and might be a good way to burn off some of the stress that I seem to accumulate, so big news is I'm looking for a new job! Working at Wendy's was never glamorous and in the past year I stepped down from supervisor and became a full time opener, it was my decision and the goal was to lesson my stress and get more hours (I get more hours opening then as a supervisor) plus at the time we seriously needed a grill opener. Since becoming a grill opener my stress hasn't lessened at all and I'm constantly bickering with the day girls which seem to be more unbalanced then the teenagers. Also the biggest thing that got to me I work very hard, and I never really 'relax' at work I'm always doing something, whether it's my positional tasks or someone else' work, but foten I finish all of my work early because I work so fast and so I get sent home early... that's sweet except there goes another few hours a week. It almost feels as if I'm getting punished for doing a good job... Finally after hearing an employee angrily shouting 'god bless you' after a major tiff -like she needed to bring god into it- I got a little emotional because I realized I'm seriously done with that place and while I won't miss the girls I fought with I am going to feel so bad for the girls I like. I'm not being egotistical but I seriously worked so hard when I was there, starting before punch in nearly everyday doing extra things that were supposed to be someone else job (even for the girls I fought with) if and when I do leave everyone is going to feel the pressure because no one else will do what I did every single day, they're all hard workers and all but I did A LOT of extra stuff and I know it'll affect them when I'm not doing it.

However I have decided not to feel guilty about it, I know when I asked the GM for a letter of reference and to use him as a reference he seemed extremely worried and instantly tried to 'fix it' and is still trying to make sure I won't leave, but really no matter what he does I still don't want to be there so I will be leaving. I know it sucks for the managers too because we're already understaffed as it is and now they're going to have to find someone to fill thirty hours a week if I leave completely. That being said I might not leave completely. I am looking for another job and that job will be more important if they want me sat-tues mornings then I will book those off at wendy's in preference of taking the work from the new job.

The biggest thing right now is money, I'm making enough to get by right now but I do want to finish college and I do want to get out of debt, doing so means I have to be doing better then getting by so even if I have to keep Wendy's and a new job to get more hours I will, then again if someplay like say Ikea (right beside me literally) offers to taske me on full time... well I might just leave Wendy's entirely, I won't miss the half hour bike ride to work, Ikea is five minutes away and I can walk there which means no bus pass during the winter, plus there's chance for advancement there, I obviously don't want to be supervisor at Wendy's but I wouldn't mind climbing up somewhere else,  that is after all what I'm going to school for.

So now all my facebook friends that actually creep these and the mostly non-existent people who might read this and have a live journal account, know why I was freaking out on Friday (in case you don't know I cried for like three hours strait on shift) really I was just done and getting rid of all the frustration, it doesn't help that I do have depressive days and moments something that goes hand in hand with my medical issues, but hopefully that will happen less often as I move on to bigger and better things

play time

the girls are out playing on The balcony mels taken the standard  position of jumping inside her fortress and now she must defend it from intruders lol


last night at work was rediculous, my mid manager was only there for a small amount of time so we didn't have the staff for me to get a break that day -_-, our griller is probably one of the peskiest people we have, my sandwich maker doesn't work often and isn't able to close but she was scheduled to do so, she wasn't in the best of moods. On top of that it was twice as busy as usual for a Tuesday, thankfully I did get some time to shovel food in my mouth, I finished some of the prep but stocking my station would have been impossible. As it was I was there an hour past close, guh. Needless to say I'm happy I don't work today.

Oh and when we closed there were two men sitting in our dining room, who had gotten upset when I had to charge them for a dipping sauce, after which the father took a copy of his receipt and looked displeased; I'm expecting a complaint. and when I told them that I couldn't be alone with them in the store, therefore asking them to leave with the other employees the father flipped and said I wasn't allowed to be in the store alone either... yeah that makes sense when I'm the manager. Sometimes people's stupidity impresses me.

My cat has been ridiculously well behaved today, she;s snoozing... in the morning when she's usually driving me crazy and she didn't ask to leave my room once last night. Sweet. she looks like an angel when she's sleeping.

Back to work tomorrow, a long day shift, awesome hours but the day shall stretch on forever. ciao

Not a bad day

Happy to report that today was normal, woke up late in the day thanks to last nights shenanigans (the bar). But I still managed to get up early enough to do my project, head to the bank, and I got some money due from my roommate so I was able to finally pay off all of my student fees (yay) Now all I have is a small credit bill, but that will be paid Thursday, then I'll only have my Osap to pay off... sigh.

Oh well, I was instantly named leader of my group in class, I guess they figured since I was assigning portions of the project, the one that works for the company we're using as a model and has showed the most initiative, I would be the leader =D I'll admit I give myself a pat on the back for this.

In other news thank-you Fiona and Dave, not only for mentioned that you read my blog previously (that's embarrassing) but also for giving me a muff dive in front of everyone, the one day i was dead set on staying off the stage. XD, loved it none the less, and everyone video taped it. I'm happy you remember my birthday, but it really sucked that you remembered my birthday.

Close went well, class went well and my cat is currently behaving... save for licking the blanket she's sleeping on... weirdo. Now it's time for pill, then bed. yay.

same old

Yet another horrid day at work, wasn't sure if all the openers would be coming in, so i got to work an hour early to get started, luckily my grill guy did come in, for once in the last month, regardless of everyone showing for their shift today things still got retarded, my sandwich maker was sick and coughing all over the place (while being her sweet and caring self -_-) my front cashier(s) were doing their best and I was in drive thru on my lonesome again, ug things went pretty well(for a Sunday) until the clock struck three. both grill and fry person were leaving my sandwich person became my griller, my back cashier was to become my sandwich person front cashier was suppose to go drive and my bagger was suppose to go front... what happened was total chaos that meant I was running four positions at once while a crew member was trying to fix a frosty machine (both of which broke at the same time) FML

it took the better part of the last hour of my shift to get everyone where they were suppose to be then my boss calls and ties me up for another ten minutes. Needless to say when I got off the phone I was a little less then happy, I snapped at a few of the crew but granted I can be allowed to get snippy in these situations.

Needless to say I was off at 4, I stayed till 5 to do the cashes and finish up my manager stuff, we had already met projected sales for the day and I nearly sent a crew member home for slander. now it's 5:30 I still have a huge project to do for my class and I was hoping to go out to the bar tonight, doubtful.


On the bright side it's over now, I'm going to get a huge cup of coffee (or two) and try to muster some enthusiasm for my homework, I can't wait till summer.

Mar. 31st, 2012

So hey, been a while, not that anyone notices when I update but I am trying.

I disappeared for a while because I was mad about live journal and a stupid misunderstanding on a community, lots of stuff in real life has gone down since then so I've decided it doesn't matter, updating a journal everyday was too taxing for my schedule as of late though.

Since I left, I've dropped a class from school, got some bad grades, got good grades took my little Mel to the vet, had financial trouble, decided to take a year off school, biked across Ottawa on a nice day, had fights at work, broke up with my girlfriend, my dad got remarried in Jamaica and didn't even tell me when he got back, had my birthday, went shopping numerous times and donated half of my clothes to goodwill. phew.

So life has caught up with me, it always does. I've been mad and sad about a lot of things on that list but I had a good birthday and passed my G-test a present from Karma I suppose for how hard life has hit me.

If I try to talk about everything on that list this journal ill end up being fifteen pages, so I'll just leave it with a promise to update this more often since it should be therapeutic to at the very least write my feelings out.

Today I'm going for a short shopping trip on my dad's dime (he sent me money and wedding pictures for my birthday) then I have a long shift at work, 4-10:30, after which I'll be opening at 7:30am on April fools... fun times.

I'm not dead!!!

I live!

No I haven't forgotten about this site yes, I just haven't felt all that inspired to write. I pinched a nerve in my wrist last Thursday and I haven't been up to typing much since. It's getting a lot better but typing is one of the main things that starts to irritate it after a while, so this journal will have to be short as well.

School's picking up, I just found out that I lost all of my OSAP so I've been down in the dumps about money too. Pretty sure my Fibro is getting to my joints (that may be why my hand hurts so much) so that's yet another thing to be bummed out about.

Good news, before I lost all that money I pre-ordered and fully paid for the new final fantasy coming out on the 31st so I can still get that. Also I haven't stepped foot in a starbucks since I started my diet; go will power. Also purchased 2 more of my texts, only two left. I'm going to get one online since it's 140 in stores hard copy and 55 online. Missing my computer class today; my wrist feels like shit so I don't feel like going to a class where we have to type, and I'm exhausted so I'll send the teach an email about it

Bleh. Anyways arms starting to hurt. bye

Writer's Block: National Hugging Day

Who is the last person you hugged?

Writer's Block: Dress up your Pet Day

Post a photo of your pet in costume.
My cat in her 'absolutely adorable' costume

Jan. 14th, 2012

Post a photo of your pet in costume.
So time to face facts I'm really only going to post here when I feel like posting and have time to do so, which lately is less and less often. I blame starting back at school although this semester looks like it's going to be ten times more easy. I've heard horror stories about Business Finance but it's the only course thus far that will have my two friends in it so I don't think I'll have any problems.

Yay school cost. I failed two courses last semester, not going to lie it was probably well deserved considering that I hate doing the online work for classes that I already physically have to go to so I basically failed them both because of that however I have signed up to do some catch up in the summer months in May and June I will be taking two courses that will come directly out of my pocket in order to catch up with me peers. Hopefully having the four month courses condensed will make them a little easier, after all I do know most of the curriculum I just actually have to have myself set on doing the reading and online quizzes. I'm wait listed on one of the courses which is bad because it means I might not get in but it's good for my wallet, considering the moment I sign up I have to pay for the courses, I got paid friday and more then half of it went strait back into school and another portion of it went to pay this months gas bill, with is nearly twice the size it normally is; don't you love winter?

Anyways today is cold, It's -20 Celsius and feels like -31 with the windshield, I suppose that's a good hint for me to go pick up a ski mask and snow pants so that I can brave the wind properly, yay for spending more money =D... -_-. 

I also have a few cosplay things to buy Tuesday with a friend including the rest of Gomamon's costume I also still need to find a tight white jacket, any suggestions?

On a lighter note Last exile had another episode out today ><, Love, love, love LOVE. Dio was a shining knight in armor for Alvis is the first few minutes that made me so happy to see that she not only trusts Dio now but also adores him in her own way. In the first season when she was younger she didn't know what to make of him and even seemed scared of him at times but I suppose watching Dio go through what he did made her understand him a little... Also lots of girl on girl shippings available in the new season, holy hell, oodles of girls undressing one another, having water fights, flying with one another... it was all a little bit suggestive, save for Millia thinking of Teddy... are they gonna get together?

Anyways, I have to get ready to head out soon so that's all for today.

Question; Do you have a favorite stuffed animal of pillow you sleep with? If so what is it?

I sleep with a large elephant I bought from Ikea, I named him Barnaby, and a pillow my roomie got me with my fave DRRR characters on it =D


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